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Our team of engineers has a solid practical experience and high skills to guarantee your satisfaction, to accompany you in all projects in France and everywhere. At every moment our engineers implement innovative and customized solutions in the fields of energy, industry and construction.

In the current economic context, our team of engineers and our specialists contribute to your success, by serving you durably through the external contribution of skills, allowing you to respond to the opportunities you want to address.

ASI is part of the Elite Group. Specialized in engineering, the ELITE group contributes to your deployment in the fields of construction, energy and industry. Under the banners: Elite Design & Build for project management and design offices, Elite Construction for the logistics of operation and construction as a general contractor, Aquiterra ISE, geotechnical and environmental design office and well obviously ASI.


  • Hydraulic
  • Thermal
  • Nuclear

Realized projects


  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Industrie de process

Realized projects


  • Site management (MOE, AMOE, AMOA)
  • Scheduling Tasks
  • Planning

Realized projects

The company offers engineering consulting for the study and construction of buildings

Risk management Prevention HSE Safety management under decree 92 (PdP) or decree 94 (PPSPS) Follow-up of highly technical site


ADR Waste Management: Materials Transport Management, Safety Advisors Soil and Rack Pollution Environmental Aspects and Impacts


UTO,OHSAS 18001,MASE IUC,ISO 14001,ISO 9001,ISO 26000,CEFRI, Labels Diversity and professional equality Quality management by process - Management and document management


MRC Technical Assistance: Mechanics, Rotating Machines, Fittings, Boilerwork, Capacities, Tests Technical Assistance AE: Automatism, Electricity, Tests, Driving, SdIN deployment


Safety Analysis and Reports Dependability Management of Significant Events Radiation Protection (PCR) ALARA Approach


Site Management, Coordination of Works, HSE Supervision of Assembly of Equipment, Assembly of Equipment and Installations, Assembly Inspection and Quality Control


Industrial Design Industrial Maintenance Dismantling Deconstruction Asbestos Removal


Supply Logistics Project Management Fluid Engineering, Plumbing, Thermal, Electricity, Engineering Structure - Construction Design and Execution Designer 2D/3D


Project, Purchasing and Support: Cost Control, Project Management, Planning, Contract Engineering, Inspection & Follow-up of Subcontractors, Document Management.


Preparation of Operational Manuals, Realization of tests before commissioning, Supervision and Inspection, Start-Up Coordination.

Certificates & Qualifications

RQSE-DD management system of the compagny's ASI

certification bureau veritas certification cefri certification mase certification uto edf

Since 2009, A.S.I. has been involved in a continuous improvement approach in the management of radiation protection, quality, safety and the environment (RQSE). Thus, the company A.S.I. has obtained the following certifications

Management QHSE-Radioprotection CEFRI-E - Ind. 20 1 january 2021
Management de la santé et de la sécurité au travail OHSAS 18001v2007 16 december 2021
Système commun MASE-UIC 03 april 2021
Management de l'environnement ISO 14001v2015 12 september 2021
Management de la qualité ISO 9001v2015 12 september 2021
Management de la qualité EDF UTO / EDF 30 january 2023
Pacte Mondial des Nations Unies Un Global Compact 23 march 2019
Développement durable CAP 26000/RSE None
Transition OHSAS 18001 vers ISO 45001 ISO 45001 June 2020
Radiation protection policy MN-FI-09 15 april 2020
Quality Policy, Safety, Environment & Sustainable Development MN-FI-03 05 may 2020

The integrated management system set up within A.S.I. aims to guarantee the quality of the service while respecting the health and safety of staff and the protection of the environment.

Since 2013, as part of the renewal of our certifications OHSAS 18 001 and ISO 14 001, the company A.S.I. mandated Bureau Veritas to carry out a complete audit of our integrated management system, in order to validate the operation of our entire management system.

The staff of the company ASI, often working outside the premises of the company, an intranet has been developed, to make accessible at any time and to each employee, the entire management system as well as the internal communication documents.

Our certificates


Many customers already trust us: you will find here a presentation of some missions that we realized.

Logo Euro Tunnel

EUROTUNNEL - Supervision of construction works and tests

• Test monitoring and reporting to the contracting authority
• Ventilation tests, power supply circuits, control commands
• Recording of nonconformities
• Animation of meetings
• Site Management
• Writing procedures
• Lifting reserves
• Writing the end of intervention report


ESCOTA - Tunneling Assistance to the Infrastructure Engineering Department

• Development of the highway tunnel safety files to be presented to the Road Tunnel Safety Evaluation Committee. These tunnels concerned the A8 motorway (Nice bypass), the A51 motorway (La Baume and Mirabeau tunnels) and the A500 motorway (Monaco tunnel).
• Drafting and evaluation of tenders for general project management, technical control and CSPS for these same tunnels

Logo RFF

FERRE DE FRANCE NETWORK - Assistance to the choice of companies for the realization of the East European LGV

Participation in the Consultative Commission of choice of companies for the design and the realization of the lot 47 of the Eastern LGV including:

• A viaduct
• An embankment part on compressible land
• A 7 km twin-tube tunnel under the Vosges massif to be excavated using a tunnel boring machine

Logo CEA Valrho

CEA Valrho - Assistance for the feasibility study of the CECER Civil Engineering Gallery

• Technical feasibility studies
• Financial evaluation
• Setting up the schedule

Logo Lyon Turin Ferroviaire

LYON TURIN RAIL - Assistance for the study of electromechanical assemblies of tunnel equipment

• Study of materials to implement
• Definition of means in terms of personnel
• Provisional planning of the various elementary projects implemented
• Studies of possible improvements in view of delays

Logo EDF

• Technical assistance for the deployment of the SDIN (Nuclear Information System).
• Technical support for the SPN4 service (N4 Bearing Structure).
• Technical assistance to support the project management of the GPS planning tool.
• Technical Assistance SIR (Recognized Inspection Service).
• Technical assistance method lineage DPN (Project COLIMO).
• Technical assistance MRC (Rotating machines, Fittings, Boilermaking) for slice stops and slice in operation.
• Technical assistance AE (Automatism, Electricity) for the stops of slice and slice in march.
• Planning of activities in stoppage and slice in progress.
• Support to the SDIN project in the areas of data updating and project support.


OMEXON - Central Saint ALBAN

Project Cell Support Project Site Installation Lot Electricity Building DUS
• QHSE coordination, documentary (DRT, FNC, DSI, ....) And safety monitoring of installation work
• Assistance to intervention planning
• Cell Preparation, Establishment of Implementation Documents Works (DRT)


SNEF - EPR UK Project Support, HPC batch instrumentation

• Design and dimensioning of instrumentation equipment supports (CATIA)
• Structural calculations, earthquake (RCCM, EUROCODE) of support assemblies (ANSYS)
• Specification (basic design) of instrumentation equipment (RCCE), participation in Detail Design of equipment
• Project Configuration Management (Evolution Management Matrix, Deviations and Project Requirements Tracking)


WESTINGHOUSE - Intervention, participation

• Commissioning intervention on CNPE for the DUS project (Diesel Ultimate rescue), CATTENOM power plant, BELLEVILLE, NOGENT, GOLFECH, Flamanville, ST ALBAN, PENLY, PALUEL
• Participation in the evolution of documents installation test procedures (mechanics, electricity, instrumentation)
• Pre-commissioning activities on site: mechanics, electricity, instrumentation and consignor
• ASI team of 15 people

Logo Eiffage Clemessy

CLEMESSY - Realization & Commissioning

• Realization of tests and commissioning of the electrical and electromechanical equipment of the DUS building of Chinon 3, Blayais 4, Civaux 2, for electrical distribution and auxiliary buildings. • ASI team involved: 5 people


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